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Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Waste Hauling:

  • Solids (Used Filters, Booms, Absorbent Pads, Elements)
  • Oily Water
    • Drums, Totes
    • Bulk
      • Large or Small - Vacuum Truck
      • Liquid
      • Slurry or Sludge
      • Solids
  • Paint Waste
    • Liquid (Liquid Paint & Thinners) - Less than 6" settled solids & 10% water
    • Slurry Paint - <50% Solids
    • Solid Paint - 50% or Great Solids
    • Paint Debris - Empty Paint Cans, Paint Brushes, Etc..)
    • Full Paint Cans
    • Used Antifreeze/Coolant
    • Lamps/Light Bulbs (Universal Waste)
      • Flourescent
        • High Intensity Discharging (HID) and UV LAmps
        • Crushed Lamps per Gallon (Non HID)
        • 55 Gallon Drums Crushed (Non HID)
        • U-Tubes, Compacts and Circulars
      • Incandescent
        • Shatter Shield / Poly Coated
        • Colored
        • Rapid Start / Self Start
    • Batteries
      • Regular Car and Heavy Equipment Type Batteries
      • Other Types (Universal Waste)
        • Alkaline / Carbon-Zinc
        • Lead-Acid
        • Lithium
        • Mercury
        • Nickel-Metal Hydride
        • Nickel Cadmium
        • Silver-Oxide


Parts Washers:

    • Features
    • 16 (D/B), 30 (D/B), 45 (B), and 80 (B) gal units
    • Constructed with heavy duty tanks
    • Your choice of either petroleum or water based cleaners.  
    • Heavy duty pumps with Viton seals
    • Single on/off switch for pump and light kit
    • Sloped tank bottom which insures efficient drainage
    • High quality “flow-through” brush and flexible “stay-put” nozzle
    • Spring loaded fusible link to ensure safe lid closure in case of fire
    • Overlapping solvent-saver cover designed to be closed manually without disengaging fusible safety link.
(This reduces solvent evaporation when the parts washer is not in use)
    • 16/30 gal drum – Galvanized steel drum
    • 30/45 gal basin – 18 gauge steel tank.  
    • 45 gal model also has a pistol-grip spray nozzle and an air agitation attachment.

    • Bulk Solvent:
    • We also offer the delivery and pick-up of bulk solvent in drums to multiple types of customers, ranging from repair shops with COM units wishing to perform their own service to pipe yards and other facilities.  These services are provided via thirty (30) gallon drums which provides the client the option of removing the material themselves or pumped into tanks on the client's site.  Empty drums are left as part of this service, which allows for the collection of the dirty solvent by the customer.


Automatic Paint Gun Cleaner:

Paint Gun Models
  • One (1) Gun / One (1) - Five (5) Gal Pressure Pot to Four (4) Guns / Four (4) - Five (5) Gal Pressure Pots.

    • Features 
      • Automatic Wash
      • Air Flush
      • Clean Solvent Rinse
      • Exhaust Vent
      • Flow-Through Brush for Manual Rinse
      • Hose Cleaning
    • Health and Safety: 
      • Factory Mutual Certified
      • Safety Switch terminates cleaning cycle when lid is raised.
      • Operator has minimal exposure to solvent (cleaning is automatic and “hands free”).  Solvent pail is kept inside cabinet.
      • Built-in vent available for automatic fume extraction.
    • Environmentally Friendly: 
      • Wash solvent is reused until dirty.
      • Dirty solvent can be recycled.


Carburetor Cleaner :

    • Features
    • Heavy duty air-operated motor that rotates basket 90 degrees, helps to keep cleaning time to a minimum
    • Operates with 20 psi or more air pressure
    • Heavy duty 24-guage, 15 gal pail
    • Easy basket hook-up
    • Easy installation*1/8” NPT heavy duty on/off switch
    • Allows mechanic to perform other duties while cleaning
    • Lever lock bank for sealing cover.


Brake Cleaner :


    • Features: 
    • Adjustable height from 15” to 50”
    • Five (5) gallon fluid reservoir
    • Easy to use with hoist or jack stands
    • Easy roll casters and handle
    • Flow through brush system provides efficient, quick cleaning
    • 24” X 20” cleaning tray
    • Fire protection lid drain closure
    • Storage for extender tubes when used in 15” position


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